So like most people...I am constantly at odds with my love of soaking in natural bodies of water, and my unwillingness to leave my home to find said body of water.

Which got me thinking...

What if someone created a bathtub that had all the benefits of an outdoor-natural-water-soak that could be placed conveniently in your living room?!

And just like that... the Eco-Tub concept was born

The basic idea is simple: Water cycles through the system from a hydroponic grow bed for plants, to a bath tub, onto a tank full of (happy) fish. You feed the fish periodically (or maybe you just scrub yourself in the bathtub and the fish can eat your dead skin cells? -Not sure of the logistics of this), the fish waste becomes fertilizer for the plants that then absorb the nutrients and filter the water, this fresh nutrient and mineral rich water then cycles back into the bath tub.

Potential slogan:

"Happy Plants. Happy Bather. Happy Fish"

"Soak natural without hassle"

One potential consideration is weather or not there are any benefits to bathing in water that is full of minerals and nutrients. I like the idea that soaking in "living" water like this could be good for you, but not sure where the science stands on it. I know that drinking spring water is healthier than drinking distilled water, kinda the same idea...maybe?

Logistically the whole idea is pretty similar to an aquaponic system -which if you aren't aware of is definitely worth a quick Google- except that instead of growing food...your creating an awesome bathing experience.

On that note, there isn't any reason the system couldn't grow food?

*Updated version with an apple tree
**And a bather eating an apple

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