Inside-Out Bed

Think about the last time you had the privilege of waking up in the great outdoors.

No…. I’m not talking about that hellish feeling of waking up in a humid tent with the sun melting your soul, as you suck for air, trying in vein to unzip that damn sleeping bag that you're sure your friend borrowed to you in an act of violet sabotage.

No. I’m talking about that other time…

The time you were delicately nudged toward consciousness by the wind slightly cooling your face, as your body stay warm and snug in your BOC (bedding of choice).

The sun was lazily starting its day and you simply decided—without the assistance of a beeping robot—that now may be a good time to start your own delve into awake-hood.

....That scenario doesn’t resonate with you?

Of course it doesn't! 

And there is a very specific reason that the beautiful serenity of sleeping outdoors is seldom experienced.

The ground is really really uncomfortable.

It’s hard, cold, wet, and frequented by snakes.

BUT… as I previously explained… sleeping outside can be beautifully serendipitous, while simultaneously refreshing and energizing.

Which has got me thinking… is it really sleeping outside that is so spectacular? Or is it just waking up outside that is the secret to starting your day like a ninja-rockstar?

My completely anecdotal and unresearched experience—that wasn’t even considered prior to this word vomit… points toward the latter!

You only have to wake up outside, not spend a restless night, to reap the emotional, physical, and quantum benefits!

I’m so convinced of this, that I am willing to match dollar for dollar (up to $73) to anyone who will do the heavy lifting required to make my below game-changing invention a reality.

Inside-Out Bed

Inside-out bed is the revolutionary new way to maximize the effectiveness of sleep, by combining the comfort of your own bed, and security of your own house, with the unmatched and unquantifiable power of waking up in the great outdoors.

It’s simple…

The system puts your bed on a track system, which runs from your room to your deck/patio. Between yourself and the elements, there is a completely normal looking wall that is capable of retracting—similar to a garage door.

The system connects to an iPod app (Inventors-R-us say I gotta use an “app” to be relevant these days.. I keep telling them cellphones are a bubble... anyway), so twenty minutes before your alarm the wall slides up, and your bed rolls out.

All of this occurs via our patented-not-even-yet-pending “Whisper Bed” technology that ensures the wall opening, and the bed sliding, does not disturb you.

Once outside, we let Mother Nature do her thing… the sun’s light will naturally trigger “It’s time to wake up” hormones, and the fresh air will invigorate you with the kick-start needed to finally ditch your quad-espresso habit.

Notice how, despite the fact that Bob is deep asleep in both imags (signified by the "Zzz"), he appears exponentially more happy when he is outdoors!

Notice how, despite the fact that Bob is deep asleep in both imags (signified by the "Zzz"), he appears exponentially more happy when he is outdoors!

That's it!

Who's with me?!

Almost forgot! The “Pro-package” comes with mock-walls that are painted to look like nature, this is particularly convenient for people who live in a less-then-naturey environments.