The Business of Edible Insects -- with Lars Baugh (

Edible insects are becoming an emerging topic within food, both for their potential environmental sustainability and nutritional value. Currently, most of the discussion on the topic revolves around the speculation of insect cultivation, but this episode goes in a more entrepreneurial direction.... What's it like to try to sell insect-based foods? And how can you convince consumers that they should eat more bugs?

Lars Baugh, the co-founder of Denver based Lithic Nutrition, works to normalize the consumption of insect based nutritional foods amongst athletes, with his company that currently sells cricket protein powders and bars. 

Home Roasting Coffee Beans -- with Trevin Miller (

Home roasting coffee is painfully simple, saves money, takes less than 10mins, requires no special equipment, and ensures that your cup of morning java is always at peak freshness.... so what are you waiting for?! This episode explores the pros, cons, and how-to get started.

Trevin Miller, is a home roasting guru who owns Mr. Green Beans in Portland, Oregon as well as, which sells green beans and all other roasting supplies.

Beginners Guide to Backyard Chickens -- Jordana Heath (from

Intelligent and lovable pets, that provide a daily supply of fresh eggs... it's no wonder that the backyard chicken movement has become popular! With municipalities around the country changing policies to allow for hens to be kept within city limits, now is the perfect time to get started with your own. Learn about what you need, tips, tricks, and the common mistakes of this economically simple hobby.

Jordana health, is a backyard chicken hobbyist who works with to provide all resources needed to help individuals raise their own happy and healthy chickens.

Can Eating Wheat Improve Your Health? -- Stephen Yafa (Author of Grain of Truth)

With the gluten-free market reaching 1.7 billion dollars in the US, the popularity of the wheat-free movement is quite apparent... but is the demonizing of bread misguided? This talk explores the history, cultivation, and nutrition of wheat, discusses the idea that gluten and wheat may not be inherently evil, and explains how to properly work bread into your own diet.

Stephen Yafa is the author of the 2015 book "Grain of Wheat: The Real Case for and Against Gluten." The book provides an entertaining and informative account of the research that lead him from farms to bakeries in search of the truth behind one of the most important foods in human history.

The Art of Home Brewing Beer -- Michael Tonsmeire (The Mad Fermentationist)

The craft beer movement has been gaining steady momentum, and with it, more and more people are drinking unique and flavorful beers. But why leave the brewing to the "professionals"? This episode discusses the beautiful and delicious simplicity of brewing beer in your own home.

Michael Tonsmeire has been home brewing most of his life, and currently runs one of the most popular home brew beer blogs on the internet (, along with providing consulting, tasting, and recipe development services to breweries around the country. 

Growing Food With Poop -- Sally Brown, PhD

Everyday, farms around the world apply human waste to their soils... and they've been doing it for centuries. This talk discusses the benefits, potential hazards, misconceptions, and agricultural sustainability of using these "biosolids" to grow our food.

Dr. Sally Brown is a research associate professor at the University of Washington, who studies soil health. Her research largely focuses on innovative methods for cleaning up contaminated soils.

What's With Raw Milk? -- Hayden Smith (Health Coach)

What is "raw" milk? Why is it illegal? Is it healthy? What about the bacteria? A talk with health coach, and farmer, Hayden Smith, discussing her journey and understanding of the nutrition, politics, and safety of drinking raw milk. 

Hayden Smith is a health coach, who is an advocate of healing the body with "real" and traditional foods. She studied micro/molecular biology, is currently pursuing her MS in Holistic Nutrition, and has a diverse involvement with her family's farm. More at

The Vegetarian Turned Rancher -- Keri Brandt (Associate Professor)

A talk with vegetarian-turned rancher Keri Brandt, discussing her journey and understandings of livestock sustainability, animal welfare, and meat-consumption. The conversation goes beyond the usual surface level discussions of the topic, and explores a unique perspective of the human relationship with livestock animals.  

Keri Brandt is an associate professor of sociology and gender studies at Fort Lewis University, she has spent much of her educational career exploring the relationship between humans and animals, and was a strict vegetarian prior to marrying into a traditional Colorado ranching family.

Is Eating Insects the Future of Food? — Robert Allen (Founder of “Little Herds”)

I talk with edible insect aficionado, Robert Nathan Allen, who is working to revolutionize the world of food… by getting humans to eat more insects. While a bit hard to swallow, advocates for this seemingly bizarre movement say that edible insects are both environmentally sustainable, economically feasible, and highly nutritious. This talk digs into these claims, the history of eating insects, the potential role it could play in feeding the world… and how to start using them in your own kitchen!

Robert Nathan Allen is an entomophagy (insect eating) advocate who founded and heads the non-profit, whose mission is to promote the use of insects as an environmentally and economically sustainable source of human food and nutrition.  

Fermented Food & Gut Health 101 — Dr. Jeremy Princi (from “Holistic Lifestyler”)

FACT: there is a massive community of bacteria and fungi living in your gut! But don’t worry, this community of microorganisms (weighing around 2 pounds!) actually plays important roles in human health–from regulating hormone production to helping digest food. The emerging understanding of this concept has many people taking up diets aimed to boost their “gut health”… most popularly, eating fermented foods–filled with beneficial living bacteria–like kombucha and pickles. This talk explores the importance of gut health, what fermented foods are, how to get the right kinds in your diet, and how to make your own at probiotic foods at home!

Dr.Jeremy Princi, from, takes a holistic approach to healthy living that encompasses: sustainable agriculture, diet, and fitness. His specific area of expertise is the human microbiome, and is currently writing a book and teaching workshops on how to use fermented foods to improve gut health.  

Let’s Talk Bone Broth — Nick Mares (owner “Kettle & Fire Bone Broth”)

Nick & Justin Mares started Kettle & Fire Bone Broth as the world’s first company to produce shelf-stable 100% grass fed bone broth. We dig into the history of bone broth, what it is exactly, the nutritional claims, and why Nick’s product is different then the average carton of beef stock. We also touch on its culinary uses, and explain the painfully simple process of making your own delicious bone broth at home!

Fighting Invasive Lionfish — Brett Ottolenghi (exotic food supplier)

Exploring the topic of lionfish, an invasive species that is wreaking havoc in Atlantic ecosystems, with Brett’s Ottolenghi who may have a solution… get them on our dinner plates. We dig into his innovative method for catching lionfish and his attempt to create a culinary demand for them …and also touch on some of his other wildly entertaining–near bizarre–food experiences. 

Paleo(ish) Eating 101 — Bob Bernotsky (“Simply That Paleo Guy”)

A talk with “Simply that Paleo Guy” himself, Bob Bernotsky, discussing his refreshingly openminded approach to healthy eating, which uses a paleo-template to build a simple and healthy personalized diet. The discussion explores the basic ideology behind paleo eating, touching on: nutrition, misconceptions, arguments against the diet, common mistakes, and some basic tips for crafting your own simply delicious primal meals.