Fermented Food & Gut Health 101 — Dr. Jeremy Princi (from “Holistic Lifestyler”)

FACT: there is a massive community of bacteria and fungi living in your gut! But don’t worry, this community of microorganisms (weighing around 2 pounds!) actually plays important roles in human health–from regulating hormone production to helping digest food. The emerging understanding of this concept has many people taking up diets aimed to boost their “gut health”… most popularly, eating fermented foods–filled with beneficial living bacteria–like kombucha and pickles. This talk explores the importance of gut health, what fermented foods are, how to get the right kinds in your diet, and how to make your own at probiotic foods at home!

Dr.Jeremy Princi, from HolisticLifeStyler.com, takes a holistic approach to healthy living that encompasses: sustainable agriculture, diet, and fitness. His specific area of expertise is the human microbiome, and is currently writing a book and teaching workshops on how to use fermented foods to improve gut health.