"Celebrate The Characters In Your Life"

Project Postcard

Looking to add some modern energy to a time-honored art, we created a book containing 20 tear-out postcards, with recipient prompts to kickstart your creativity.

Project Postcard Booklet
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Whether you're connecting with an old friend or just recapping last weekend's adventure, this is the ultimate way to celebrate the characters in your life.

(For all you more e-mail inclined people!)

1 - Who To?

Pick a card, then decide which character in your life it best represents.

2 - Get Personal

Let the recipient know why you choose them! Jot a quick note... or just draw a big fat smiley :)

how 3.png

3 - Send!

Scribble the recipient's address on the lines, slap on a stamp, and drop in a mailbox!



Iver Marjerison & Kelsey Vlamis

Not illustrators...
Not postcard-connoisseurs.

Just a couple who adore the written word...
Love receiving mail...
And appreciate the characters in our lives.


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