The Maui Foodist Bucket List

100+ Edible Adventures
From Farm to Fork

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The Foodist Bucket List: Maui, Hawaii - eBook (With Free Google Map!)

I ate my way accross Maui, than wrote this book compiling 100+ of the island’s must-try edible experiences, from breweries and agritourism, to sushi and smoothies. To make your experience more awesome, I turned the book into an interactive map layer, which adds all of the items from the book to your Google Maps!

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About the book…

After eating my way across Maui in search of the island’s ultimate food experiences, I carefully crafted this list as a manifesto of the 100 must-do food adventures that I found. The book features epic eats, unique drinks, local favorites, and even on-farm experiences, which promise to take you on a wild and mouth-watering ride while fully immersing you in the unique culinary culture of the island. Best of all, the wide variety of items, ranging from farmer’s markets to fine dining, provide a deliciously unique perspective of the area’s entire food system... from farm to fork!

DISCLAIMER: This book is black and white. It also has a conversational tone, is informally written, and lacks the sort of detailed information you’d find in a more traditional guidebook. This is NOT a lifeless directory-style listing of the town's "top" restaurants (Google is thick with those!). Instead, each page features one specific item, a photo, and a hyperbolically romanticized celebration of why it's so dang awesome. No, I did not eat everywhere. No, this is not objective. I’m just a guy obsessed with uncovering each and every delicious opportunity that an area has to offer, and figured it would be fun to document my favorite discoveries for other food lovers.

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About Me

My name’s Iver Marjerison, and I work as a food and traveler writer who specializes in sharing unique, off-the-beaten-path, experiences and adventures. This Maui edition is the first in my series The Foodist Bucket List, the second being for Fort Collins, Colorado, and the third will be for Madison, Wisconsin (Release: TBD).

Maui Foodist Bucket List - Google Maps Layer!

This adds all 100+ of my favorite edible adventures to your Google Maps for quick reference. It still includes my original notes about each item from my original book. This will work on any phone/computer with Google maps.

For $7 you’ll get a digital copy of my eBook, and I’ll share the map with you as a free added bonus! If for some reason it doesn't work for you, 100% money back guarantee👍

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Books (might still be) available on Maui at...

Hali'imaile Distilling - Hali'imaile
Volcano Spice Co. - Makawao
Choice Health Bar - Lahaina
Maui Prime Fine Foods - Lahaina
Andez Maui at Wailea Resort - Wailea
Maui Wine, at Ulupalakua Vineyards - Kula