Two Types of Journaling

A lot of people may be familiar with the many benefits of journaling. It can help work through mental barriers, organize your thoughts, discuss the days success, and plan for future goals. However, with my own journaling I have noticed there seems to be two distinct types of writing that I do:

Reflective & Creative

Now reflective tends to be more of a listing of facts, while creating tends to be more of a recording of my actual thoughts regarding the facts, and often times unfolds into new formations of ideas as I write.

There is certainly pros and cons to both, with the former being good for recording details and need-to-remember information. While the latter tends to be a better way to let your thoughts flow freely onto the paper... often times a bit nonsensically and not in chronological order.

Personally I have found creative journaling to be preferable when it comes to personal journaling, and also more constructive when I'm using my writing as a means of problem solving, or a way to see something from a new perspective.

With that being said I still struggle to avoid the reflective fact-listing style that I grew up using, especially when I am distracted or in a time restraint. One helpful thing I have found is writing as if the audience (perceived audience- doesn't actually have to be a real person) isn’t looking for a recount of objective daily activities and instead focusing on putting into words the things that were consuming my thoughts for that day…

“Been spending a lot of the day stressing about my genetics class…what if I fail?”

Is much more constructive and more interesting to look back on than...

“Went to library. Studied for genetics. Went home, watched movie with roommate”