Food Flow LLC is a company that I formed in 2015 as a platform to share my adventures with food. This passion project has slowly evolved from blog posts to books, videos, a podcast, and an apparel line. The goal has always been to simply promote real food, sustainable food systems, and provide my followers with a deliciously thought-provoking good time.

Radom food-themed artwork, laid over the top of quality shirts, tanks, crews, and hoodies.

With each purchase, a donation is made toward my current, “Real Food Fight Project.” This project, and your donations, aim to help promote and raise awareness for socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable healthy food systems. The current project is directed at whatever issue has recently caught my attention, with the donation and recipient changing periodically.

Currently 30% of profits are going toward The National Farm to School Network

Eat Real
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Rational Rabbit
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Kale Head
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Veggie Vices
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