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Writer, speaker, coach, consultant... and a handful of other things depending on when you ask. 

Really I'm just guy constantly burdened by an over active imagination and an insatiable desire to try my hand at anything and everything that catches my eye. Between my writing, videos, and other various hobbies and entrepreneurial ventures, I tend to keep a few sticks in the fire and prefer the insanity of constantly pursuing new projects over the security of more routinized singular dedications.

While I admit that in some cases my excitement for the next project conflicts with the success of my current project, as of yet, the negative aspects of my whimsical processes have proven to be outweighed by its resulting entertainment and satisfaction. 

Do New…
This whimsical natures may be best displayed with my latest project “Do New 52” where I will be trying something new each week for you a year. This is the first research step toward my new book, “The Man Who Tried to Try Everything.” …videos, podcasts, and more— Click here.

My professional and educational experience started with my bachelor's in Environmental Sociology, as well as Agricultural Sciences from Colorado State University, and then an MBA with a concentration in Sustainable Food Systems. My interest in food has lead me on a diverse professional career path, working hands on in restaurants and on farms, as well as projects ranging from authoring my own food travel guides and writing chocolate bar descriptions, to teaching cooking workshops and creating educational food/farm videos. This passion for real food and sustainable food systems manifests itself through the company I created, Food Flow (podcast, books, apparel). Within the world of food, I also work as a marketing consultant— more here.

Life Coach…
Many of the key-drivers for my interest in food come from a stance of wanting to live a healthy high-energy lifestyle. This interest also fuels my constant quest toward what I call "life-optimization"  —which essentially implies fine tuning the different aspects of my day-to-day life that contribute to feeling good. These interests manifest through my videos and writings, as well as my work as a Professional Life Coach.

Along the way, I’ve stumbled into the beautiful world of weddings. What started as a hobby, officiating a few ceremonies each summer, has turned into a full-blown love for the wedding industry. While my work as a wedding officiant continues, I’ve also started my own company Colorado MicroWeddings, that specializes in creating everything-you-need packages for small weddings.

As for the other various sticks I have in the fire at the moment:

  1. I'm currently finishing up my first full length novel (which has proven to be exponentially more difficult than anticipated).

  2. Looking to start an online apparel company to support local artists by rocking their "rainy day" designs (pieces they've done but never used for anything).

  3. I'm grinding full speed with the boxers I'm training, with eyes on Golden Gloves next year.

  4. I'm still looking for a partner to get the Lazy Susan Fridge up and running ;)

Thoughts, opinions, suggestions, or questions? Let's connect!

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